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Alan Goldberg – The Sports Mind Program

ALL-SPORT mental toughness training program for coaches and athletes that guides the listener through powerfully effective mental skills exercises


“Dr. G’s Sports Mind set has been a wonderful addition to my coaching. It has helped me train my athletes so that they consistently come through under pressure. The stories and exercises are easy to listen to and powerful and this program has become a regular part of my overall coaching.” Dan Hart, AL

  • Are you too nervous pre-game to perform your best?
  • Do runaway nerves keep you up the nights before big competitions and wear you out?
  • Do negativity and self-doubts consistently undermine your confidence?
  • Do you know what you should be focusing on to perform to your potential?
  • Would you like to learn to mentally prepare like a champion?

“Alan, What I REALLY like about your audio series and workbook is that you take athletes through the exercises and personally teach them how to stay calm under pressure, relax the nights before big competitions and how to use visualization to improve performance. My kids love doing the relaxation exercises although they sometimes chuckle at your extreme Boston accent!” Thanks for a great training tool!” Ed, TX

  • Learn how to effectively manage the stress of competition.
  • Develop several, sure-fire relaxation techniques that really work when it counts the most!
  • Stay calm and fall asleep the nights before those really important performances.
  • Think like a champion and manage negativity and doubts.
  • Learn how to use mental rehearsal for peak performance!
  • Bounce back quickly from mistakes and bad breaks.
  • COACHES: You can teach your athletes these skills by playing tracks in practice!

The Sports Mind, is a special mental toughness training tool that takes you through specific exercises to effectively teach you several critical mental toughness skills.

“I’ve been using your Sports Mind Program for years with my archers with great success, and I have to tell you, your new version of the workbook is an excellent addition! It makes the entire program that much more effective to me. I especially like your discussion of how the different parts of our brain affect performance and how to get to your ‘performance pro.’ Keep up the great work Dr. G!” David, NV

The Sports Mind is a unique and powerful program because it will teach you exactly HOW to develop the mental skills of a champion. Both coaches and athletes will find this training tool essential!

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