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Alison Armstrong – Living The Queen’s Code

You can finally relax into being YOU… and feel seen and appreciated.

As you apply The Queen’s Code, men start to let down their guard and protect, support and honor you because they’re no longer protecting themselves.

Living the Queen’s Code is all about understanding what makes men tick and knowing how to engage and elicit the latent nobility in a man. It’s about doing the subtle but important things that grow Princes (and Kings), while you stand in your own power.

It’s a whole new paradigm of relating that’s mutually empowering. The real secret of The Queen’s Code is you stand FULLY in your power as a modern, conscious, amazing woman AND elicit the best in men.

As you do, you become more radiant, relaxed and loving. You experience the benefits of men wanting to truly make you happy. Men have a natural reverence for women and an instinct to honor us, IF we can understand and help to create the dynamic in which that natural instinct is encouraged to arise.

Learning The Queen’s Code involves shifting your mindset, language and behaviors in subtle but important ways. When you finally unlock the code, the door opens wide to a fulfilling relationship with a man that adores you — and that you equally adore.

Living the Queen’s Code also makes you more magnetic to all the things you want to create in your life because you’re more naturally embodying your feminine Self. Your relationships with men on the job, in your community and in your extended family also improve, often dramatically.

The Queen’s Code represents a new wave of feminism that allows you to be delightfully feminine as well as totally empowered.

When you join Alison’s special online program, you’ll have a chance to journey through the amazing story of The Queen’s Code — which istold as a riveting tale of transformation — with the author herself, guiding you through each chapter and revealing the backstory and taking you deeper into the core insights.

During the program, we will create a real sisterhood (and welcome in some men as well!) — laughing, speaking our truths, sharing our sagas, and embarking on a whole new way of relating.

Alison is SO looking forward to this journey, a chance to share the many dimensions of The Queen’s Code that didn’t make it into the book, while also offering you a chance to deepen into practices in the book that apply to you.

To embrace what it means to be a feelings-based organism and learn how to use those feelings powerfully
How to understand the male “operating system ” and what makes it different from the way women operate.
Why curiosity about men will get you further than making assumptions
How to start asking for what you need in a way that inspires
How your expectations of other people can damage your self-esteem
Why the protector and provider archetypes are so important to men (and how to work with them rather than against them)
How emasculation and objectification trigger each other
Why even subtle complaints can turn a man who would naturally protect you into someone who is defended and remote
How simple shifts in word choices to the “Language of Heroes” can call forth the best in men
In this 8-part training, Alison will guide you through The Queen’s Code, which reveals the secret code to understanding men, and offers a sacred code of honor for women. It shows women how to get what they need from men while also respecting themselves — and men. It transforms the way women relate to men and teaches them to enhance their relationships and their results by using “The Language of Heroes” with a powerful, inspiring attitude.

Alison Armstrong is a storyteller, and believes in the extraordinary educational, transformational and healing moments available through fiction. Participants will be taken behind the scenes, deeper into the engaging characters and lessons of The Queen’s Code, which is included in your registration. Each session includes an hour of clarification and additional material from Alison, followed by a half-hour Q&A, when she’ll act as your encyclopedia of men and women.

Ideally, participants will read the corresponding chapter of The Queen’s Code ebook before each session. While geared toward women, men seeking to understand the 21st century woman — and what she’s struggling with — are more than welcome!

What if there’s a single source underlying your struggles and heartache with men? Through eight diverse and surprising characters, reveal your own beliefs about men and relationships. Discover what you are willing to risk to understand men and women.

In this session, you’ll:

Find out the mysterious process by which this story revealed itself to the author
Learn how to use the eight characters of The Queen’s Code to see your blind spots about yourself and the opposite sex
Be provoked and inspired to engage in your own self-reflection: to articulate what you need in relationships; what you can’t live without; and how your own strategies and dreams conflict
Begin questioning what you believe about men, trust and communication
Decide if you’re going be the kind of woman who turns Frogs into Princes, or keeps turning Princes into Frogs
As Karen and Kimberlee (in The Queen’s Code ebook) embark on their journey to understand men, they find out what’s at the source of their frustration, anger, hurt and disappointment with men. And yet, like real women, it’s hard to let go… yet, it seems we have no better alternative.

In this session, you’ll:

Explore the effects of your inherited point-of-view in every interaction and relationship in your life
Find out how your expectations of other people damage your self-esteem
See how female instincts compel us to contort, suppress and conceal the essence of who we are, while driving us to exhaustion
Begin to confront the fundamentals of being a Frog Farmer: a woman who brings out the worst in men
Without consciously choosing to do so, every woman learns to emasculate men. It seems like the ultimate way to regulate, train and motivate them, while protecting ourselves from unchecked testosterone. Our culture condones, even promotes, emasculation. But what if it’s causing men to respond to women in the exact opposite way we really want and need?

In this session, you’ll:

Find out which Queen’s Code character you most resemble in your approach to emasculation — are you stealthy or nuclear? Cancerous or hit-and-run?
See the short- and long-term effects of emasculation in your relationships
Discover how you emasculate more than men — including other women and yourself
Learn how emasculation and objectification trigger each other
Explore the four layers of protection against criticism
Find out if you’re ready to lay down the sword and take on being in partnership with men, women and your best self
If criticism and complaining never motivate men, what does? In The Queen’s Code ebook, as Claudia teaches Kimberlee and Karen the first word in “The Language of Heroes,” you’ll begin challenging your ability to receive from men. You’ll also find out what’s at the heart of every man.

In this session, you’ll:

Embrace what it means to be a feelings-based organism and learn how to use those feelings powerfully
Learn to focus on the result instead of the process — and end up with more of what you need
Find out what you should be taking personally, and never do
Start asking others for what you need in a way that inspires and appreciates
Zero in on how men are already taking care of you in ways that you may have never noticed
From the very beginning of The Queen’s Code story, Kimberlee is terrified of talking to Claudia about sex. In this module, you’ll sympathize with her squirming while Mike and Karen articulate what sex provides in a long-term relationship, as they learn about Delicious Sexual Partnerships. And then you’ll share in Kimberlee’s healing as Claudia reveals what she’s always known.

In this session, you’ll:

Examine your own attachment to wanting sex in order to have it
Begin to articulate what sex provides for you, in every context
Learn the variety of “Jump Starts” we’ve discovered in men and women
Explore your own Pumpkin Hours, whether they be daily, seasonal or circumstantial
Validate what you need to be happy to receive and provide sexual attention
All of the information and attitude adjustments revealed in The Queen’s Code thus far lead Karen and Kimberlee up to this point. Finally, they learn how men relate to their needs as well how men relate to their own needs. This knowledge gives them the key to receiving their Heart’s Desire, without having to deserve it first.

In this session, you’ll:

Learn the easiest ways to translate your needs into clear and compelling requests
Find out the top 3 things that will prevent a man from providing for you
Begin making deals that transform your daily life into a source of joy and empowerment
Confront the most important question you can ask yourself and your partner
Our friends can break our hearts, too. In this chapter of The Queen’s Code, as Kimberlee and Karen learn two more words in “The Language of Heroes,” Kimberlee discovers how far she has come from being a very successful Frog Farmer. Transformed to her core, the chasm between her and her best friend comes to a dramatic conclusion.

In this session, you’ll:

See where you set people up to lose by not asking for help soon enough
Come to terms with a predictable lecture that you likely give to men
Begin recognizing who in your life is “Yes, what?” to your needs
Learn where “Accountability” is sucking the life out of you
Examine your own relationship to men being emasculated
In this final session, see if you can recognize the soul of a man. Are you willing to honor who they want to be for you? Claim your own growth and accomplishments as Queen’s Code characters Claudia, Karen and Kimberlee step into the next adventures of their lives.

In this session, you’ll:

Learn how to sort your accountabilities so you feel energized and empowered
Confront your own challenges with the sixth word in “The Language of Heroes”
Notice the heroes in your life — in events big and small.
Acknowledge how you have transformed your life and relationships with men
Share your victories with Alison
Take on what’s next for you in living the Queen’s Code of Honor

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